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Cash for Gold

Cash for Gold? Selling your Jewelry?

Things you should consider:

  1. Selling your jewelry or gold for cash
  2. Trade in your diamond for larger diamond
  3. Trading your jewelry in
  4. Recycling your jewelry to make something new
  • Warren Jewelers in Seattle will buy your old jewelry or gold for cash. We pay market value and make every effort to beat any cash for gold bid out there. Now is a good time to sell gold, sell diamonds or your old jewelry items. There have been record prices for cash for Gold, Silver and Platinum. We buy gold, diamonds and gems of all kinds. Warren Jewelers also buys watches, antique jewelry and estate jewelry items in any condition. Nothing is too odd or unusual-we would love to see it. Some of the highest prices in cash for gold, diamonds and gems ever are being paid right now when you sell gold, sell diamonds or sell jewelry, and watches.
  • Have you been thinking about a larger diamond?  You can trade in your diamond or diamonds and upgrade to a larger diamond or a different shape.  Any of the diamonds on our diamond list can have a trade-in towards it even if you didn’t buy it from us to begin with.
  • At Warren Jewelers in Seattle, you can trade in your old pieces of jewelry towards a new piece! We take trade ins on all types of jewelry. We take loose diamonds trade in towards larger diamonds. Any of your pieces have a  trade in value even if you didn’t buy the piece from us to begin with. If you are in the market for something and don’t need the money, don’t sell your gold, diamonds or old jewelry. You will get even more for trading it in on a new item.
  • Warren Jewelers can recycle your old jewelry and gold into beautiful new custom pieces. 10K, 14K and 18K, White gold, Yellow gold and Rose gold can be refined and turned into any color or karat of gold you wish.
  • You can reuse your gold in a beautiful piece of new custom jewelry. Maintain that heirloom piece or a piece of jewelry that holds special meaning to you. Pull that old, unworn setting from your jewelry box or safe deposit box. Bring in broken chains, gold fillings, broken or smashed rings, the mate to a lost pair of earrings. You can use it all. So if you’re thinking about cash for gold, or maybe trade in your diamond to a larger one? Seattle’s Warren Jewelers offers great options to anyone who wants to sell gold, sell diamonds or a trade in.