Appraisals and Estate Evaluations

Why does your jewelry need to be appraised?  Is it up to day and current?

Most insurance companies require your jewelry be appraised before they issue a policy, you might need one for tax purposes, or maybe you’ve always wondered what that old family heirloom is worth. The good news? The price of precious metals and gemstones is always changing, and there’s a good chance that your jewelry has appreciated in value over time.

Call us today for an appointment to have your jewelry appraised. 

With our jewelry appraisal, diamond appraisal or ring appraisal process at Warren Jewelers in Seattle, we take the time to thoroughly inspect your jewelry and get you a number that’s as accurate as possible. We work with our Graduate Gemologist, an accredited laboratory and your insurance company to make the jewelry appraisal process as painless as possible for you.

Jewelry appraisal done by the proper professional can give you a fair and accurate value for:

  • Insurance to cover loss, damage or theft
  • An accurate description for the police in case of theft
  • Estate tax evaluation
  • Value comparison
  • Collateral
  • Liquidation

Metal prices can fluctuate quite dramatically. It is recommended that you have your jewelry appraised every three to five years, either to update your insurance policy so you can get covered in case of a loss, or just to get a measurement on your investment. Keep your jewelry appraisal, diamond appraisal or ring appraisal up to date. We often see appraisals that are 10 or more years old.  An old jewelry appraisal may no longer be valid not only because prices have changed but so has appraisal technology and terminology. The company or appraiser that did the jewelry appraisal may no longer be in business. Our certified gemologists at our Kirkland and Burlington jewelry shops provide thorough jewelry appraisal, diamond appraisal or ring appraisal to ensure the right insurance value of your jewelry.