Why Should You buy Local?


KNOWLEDGE-One-on-one customer service, education, repairs, appraisals, metal purchasing and more.  If you are seeking advice on your jewelry, you cannot get that on the internet.  Get real, up-to-date information from a professional, in the trenches, every day.

Warren Jewelers shares expert advice on jewelry appraisal

ACCOUNTIBILITY-We must be honest and good.  You know where to find us!

PASSION-An independent jeweler operates on passion.  We take the time and effort to run a business that we love.  Employees are local, your friends and your family.  Someone who builds their whole life around the business will also put their whole heart into their work for you.

MONEY STAYS LOCAL-The money stays and is reused in our local economy and doesn't get shipped off to a corporation in another state, or country.  You are investing in the health of your community.  We buy local housing, local cars, eat at local restaurants, shop at local stores.  The money we earn is spent in the local economy.

THEY ARE NOT CHEAPER-Think how we get the beautiful jewelry.  We hand pick, inspect, create, gently display and sell to a friend, not just a customer.

CONTINUED SUPPORT-How do you get customer support for the lifetime of your jewelry from an online sight?  We are local with instore repair shops.  You can talk directly to the experts and craftsmen.

Review your jewelry to design the perfect ring


*Thank you to Aleah Arundale and the JHJ community for the continued professionalism and the advancement of education in the jewelry industry.

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