Vintage Jewelry or Just Plain Old

Vintage, Estate, Antique, these are descriptive words sellers use to describe previously worn jewelry.  They could have also used Old, Used, Worn out.  The piece of jewelry would not have seemed so attractive with those words. 

Too often I see someone who has purchased Vintage, Estate or Antique jewelry online or at an antique store and they tell me what a great deal they got until they find out how much it is going to cost to tighten all those loose diamonds that are barely holding on.  In the photo I included one such ring.  The before and after of the ring.  In the before portion you can see some diamonds, and globs of gold and solder on a platinum ring.  She thought that was quaint vintage detailing.  Not so.  This ring had seen so much wear and so many repairs over the years it's original style was almost unrecognizable.  

If you see a good price on a piece of jewelry, look at it closely, either under magnification or if purchased online see if you can enlarge the detail.  Make sure there is a good return policy.  If you intend to purchase a used ring to wear daily as an engagement ring, for example, how are the diamonds being held in?  Is the surface smooth? uneven? flaky or lumpy?  Look at the side of the ring.  Are there any cracks or bits of gold that don't quite connect?  A partial beaded edge?  Each one of those conditions will need to be considered.  If you got a really good price on it perhaps it is because the person knew it was going to cost them to restore it.  Have you allowed yourself enough in your budget for restoration?

Think of a Vintage or used car.  Someone, yourself or a mechanic, will look under the hood, kick the tires and start it up to see if it runs before taking out the money.  Take a few minutes to really inspect that piece of jewelry before you lay your money on the table or punch in your credit card number.

Do you love the ring or the sentimental story of how you came to possess it?  Warren Jewelers can help.  In the photo you can see the ring in its restored state.  Ready to wear and enjoy for many years to come.  We also sell fully restored Vintage, Estate and Antique rings and can replicate the same.  We even have era specific replacement diamonds for a truly authentic repair or restoration.  Bring us your Vintage or Antique jewelry and chat with our restoration experts.

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