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An Engagement Ring?  Why are we even buying this?

An Engagement Ring? Why are we even buying this?

Why does giving an engagement ring matter?  Giving something of value when someone gets married is nothing new.  In many other places in the world a dowry is still given.  People have always given something of value to solidify a marriage.  But WHY?  Well because you put your money where your mouth is.  Giving up something of value proves you are committed.  Diamonds are not logical.  Think about it.  A young man takes the most money he probably spend on anything and buys a rock and then gives it away.  It has no function other than to say 'I love you'.  And that's the point.  It does nothing for him.  It is the most pure symbol of love we have.

Jewelry Insurance-What is it and why we need it

Jewelry is one of the top three largest personal property purchases in your life. You do have insurance on your home and car but those do not have the great sentimental value your jewelry has. It does not matter if it is your wedding ring, or diamond earrings you received from your mother or grandmother. Part of taking care of these items is insuring them. Make sure your insurance will cover loss from theft, accidental loss and damage.  Should the unforeseeable occur and you suffer a loss, Warren Jewelers works closely with your insurance company to help you with replacement or compensation of your valuable jewelry or family heirloom.