Online versus In-person Diamond Purchase

"I can buy a diamond for cheaper online."  Really?  Is that what you want to remember about one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime? 

Working with an expert means they will work for you!  We do the legwork for you and provide the best overall experience so you can own the best diamond at the best price.

  1. Did you know that the most crucial aspect of a diamond can't be found on any certificate? That's right - it's the sparkle! Unfortunately, online grading certificates simply can't reveal the true brilliance of a diamond.

  2. A lasting memory - The experience of shopping for and purchasing a diamond will create cherished memories that remain long after the price is forgotten.

  3. Deceptive profiles - Just like on dating websites, a diamond's online profile may not accurately represent its true beauty. Imagine being given all the dimensions of a person - would you be able to tell if they're beautiful? The same goes for diamonds.

  4. The incomparable feeling - People don't visit Tiffany's to find the best deal; they go for the unforgettable experience. The same feeling that an online shopping experience can't replicate. Indulge in the unique pleasure of discovering your perfect diamond in person.

  5. The undeniable sparkle factor - The most vital aspect of a diamond, its sparkle, cannot be found on any certificate. Online grading certificates are unable to convey the true brilliance and shine of a diamond, making it essential to see it in person.

  6. Creating lasting memories - The act of shopping for and purchasing a diamond leaves an indelible impression that transcends price. The experience will remain etched in your memory, making the occasion even more special.

  7. Online profiles can be deceptive - Much like how people on dating websites may not look exactly like their profile, a diamond's online profile might not accurately represent its actual beauty. If you were given all the dimensions of a person, it would be impossible to determine their beauty, and the same applies to diamonds.

  8. The irreplaceable experience - Customers don't visit luxury jewelry stores like Tiffany's merely for the best deal; they seek a unique and memorable experience. Online shopping simply cannot replicate the pleasure and excitement of discovering the perfect diamond in person.


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