Need a ring sizing solution? We have it.

Sizing a finger for a ring can be a challenge.  Not everyone has the perfect 5, 6, 7, or 8 size finger.  Have larger knuckles, arthritis, or injury to the finger?  Ring flopping from side to side or upside down?  So frustrating.

You need a solution and we have it with an adjustable ring.  This picture illiterates the FingerMate brand ring shank.  The band is a hinged opening that encloses over your finger and sits comfortable and best of all almost invisible!

This marvelous ring sizing solution fits most rings and our experienced jeweler can install in on your ring or on a new, custom made ring.  The fitted device comes in yellow gold, white gold, platinum, 10K 14K, 18K, you name it.

There are other ring sizing solutions and we carry and install them all so bring in your ring and we can go over which option is best suited to you so you can wear your ring comfortably again.

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