An Engagement Ring? Why are we even buying this?

Why does giving an engagement ring matter?  Giving something of value when someone gets married is nothing new.  In many other places in the world a dowry is still given.  People have always given something of value to solidify a marriage.  But WHY?  Well because you put your money where your mouth is.  Giving up something of value proves you are committed.  Diamonds are not logical.  Think about it.  A young man takes the most money he probably spend on anything and buys a rock and then gives it away.  It has no function other than to say 'I love you'.  And that's the point.  It does nothing for him.  It is the most pure symbol of love we have.

Diamonds do more than show love, for a woman there is another thing it proves which to many of us in equally important.  Security.  To a man this might not be as important but anywhere you go in the world diamonds have value.  

1.01ctw Round Brilliant Diamnd

He is saying that this world is big and crazy and dangerous,


but I will be here for you. I will be your rock.  And how does he promise to be her rock?  By giving her a rock.  When a man gives his true love a rock, he is promising stability, dependability and most importantly, security.

A man does not clench his keys tighter as he walks to his car on a dark night.  What can make a women feel more secure than receiving a diamond?!  It's eternal and represents his willingness to sacrifice for her.  Her rock symbolizes his eternal love; a physical reminder that she carries with her always.

People might think that buying jewelry seems frivolous when there is cancer, war and hunger in this world, but really it is just the opposite.  In this chaotic world we could all use more stability.  We could use a rock.  When you buy a diamond engagement ring or diamond gift try looking at what it truly is.


* Thank you to Aleah Arundale for her inspiration and deep commitment to the education and promotion of the professional diamond industry.

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